Tools of the Trade.  Don’t you love it when you find something that makes doing a task so much easier?  Recently we have started updating our house.  We aren’t doing anything major, just new paint and trim.  It’s amazing how different paint can change the whole feeling and mood of a room.  We currently have brown-everything.  I thought it was so beautiful when we bought our house 10 years ago.  Even our trim is dark brown.  I’m talking baseboards, doors, cabinets.  Everything.  We call it ‘Brown Town’!  We are sick of it!  So we started in our bonus room.  Of course, we had to fill in all the dings and scratches (which seem to multiply once you start noticing them).  Then we painted the ceiling white.  This made the hugest difference!  Like it instantly brightens everything up!

Then came the walls.  I have always struggled with the edges, but I saw this little tool at the paint store, (similar to this one) and decided to try it.  Its like a flat small rectangle brushy thing that has wheels on one side.  I don’t even know the name of it but its my new best friend!  You just spread the paint on it and place it flat on the edge of the wall where it meets the ceiling and carefully spread it along the corner.  As long as you don’t get too much paint on the bristles, it makes the PERFECT straight edge!  It made that job about a million times more easy than with freehand brushing!  I can’t believe how smooth it made it and before I knew it, we had the whole room painted!

The right tools can make any job so much easier to do!  This is where Maskcara brushes come in!  For years I have used MAC makeup brushes.  I still have an angled eye shadow brush that I have used for at least 15 years.  I love a good makeup brush!  So I knew when I saw Maskcara’s double sided brushes, I was going to be in love!  Every one is like getting a two-fer!  They are so soft, yet perfectly dense.  They were designed specifically for IIID Foundation and they do their job so well!

The 30 Second HAC brush is like the basic foundation brush!  Use the pointy end for your Highlight and the fluffy end for your contour and cheek color.

The Detail HAC is a sister to the 30 Second brush.  The small pointy end is great for getting into the little spots of your face for highlight (think the corner of your eye) or for doing a sharper contour.  The flat end works great for either contour or highlight.  Great for smaller features.

The B Squared brush is one of my favorites!  It is designed for Blush and Bronzer, get it, B Squared:)  It does its job so well.  I love it for applying blush with the smaller end and blending with the fluffier end.  It also works so great for blending my IIID foundation when I wear a light coverage.

The Power Powder brush can be used for pressing powder just where you need it with the rounded darkest end, and stippling blush or contour with the flat dense end.  It can also be used for a full HAC application.

The I Shadow Everything brush is just that, for everything eye shadow.  It has a fluffy end for all over application and a denser end for smudging or more precision.

The Mulittasker is the do-all brush for precision!  The larger end is perfect for pressing shadow across the eyelid and amazing for applying lip color (my fave use)!  The small end is for filling brows, doing eyeliner and lipliner.  This is also the brush Cara uses for nose contouring.

There you have it, the full lineup of Maskcara double ended brushes!  They can be purchased separately or in a collection for a great savings!

Contact me now to get $5 off the 30 Second HAC brush making it only $30 for my customers!


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