Are you a ‘makeup person’?  I am asking because I hear that term all the time.  So often women will ask me about makeup or it will naturally come up in our conversation.  They will tell me that they don’t do makeup, or very much of it, because they just aren’t a ‘makeup person’.  I have to giggle about it.  Do any of us really want to be a ‘makeup person’?  Do we want to be tied down to a daunting routine every morning? Do we want to have drawers full of products that overwhelm us and take up so much space in our vanity?  I don’t think anyone wants or has time for that in their lives!  The truth is, in my life I don’t have a desire to be that person.  I want my beauty routine to be short and pretty.  Keep me looking like me, only better.  My mornings, like so many other busy working moms, consist of getting everyone else ready before myself.  Leaving little time for fuss with makeup or hair.  My routine has to be fast and easy.  Here is a little video of how my makeup fits into this…It is seriously life changing for a busy mom!!  As the motto goes, you CAN have your cake, and eat it, too (even if you aren’t a makeup person!).

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