I’m guilty of it.  I am sure we all are.  Applying your makeup with brushes.  Putting those brushes into your makeup bag.  The bag that has all the smudges inside and broken pieces of shadows in the bottom.    Zipping up the bag and forgetting it until the next morning when we repeat the same process.

Have you ever thought of what is going on inside those bristles while they sit in your makeup bag for a day?  I’ll tell you what is going on.  A little bacteria rendezvous!  Like a party for gross germs that are just reproducing themselves all over your bristles.  Bristles that you are going to dip into your makeup again and, even grosser, swipe across your skin!!  UUUGGGHHH!!

If you aren’t grossed out by the thought of it, go here and see what that bacteria looks like in a lab.  Or don’t.  You know you are curious.  You looked didn’t you.  Well, good.  I hope you are convinced of the importance of cleaning your brushes!

Sounds like a pain, doesn’t it?  Soap, water, little swirly brush mat, dry time.  What if they aren’t dry by the time I need to do my makeup again?  I have a solution for you!

Maskcara’s newest release, Restore Brush Cleaner!  It is a spray that smells sooooo good!  It sanitizes and cleans your brushes with just a spritz and a swirl on a towel or napkin.  Your brushes will be clean of excess product and gross germs and ready for the next use!  So easy, and let’s face it, completely necessary!!

So go get yourself a bottle and save your face from that bacteria rendezvous I mentioned earlier:)

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