Fall in Love with your makeup again!

Fall in Love with your makeup again!

Need some new inspiration for some Fall makeup looks? Check out these color coordinated looks to get you in the mood for sweaters and leaves, apple picking and pumpkin patches, and crisp air with changing colors!

Some amazing before and afters!

Need a reminder on why this method of Highlighting and Contouring is so amazing? I think these pictures speak for themselves!

Need to try it for yourself? Send me a selfie using the “Get a Custom Color Match’ button above! It’s easy-peasy!

Holiday Bundles!

Looking for the perfect gift, for yourself or your BFF?  We have got you covered!  Introducing the perfect palettes of Holiday cheer!  Whether you want a pink pout or a deep and sultry look, these pre-built Lip+Cheek bundles are a dream come true!


Don’t forget to try the Limited Edition Lip+Cheek color in Ever Red!  This is the perfect red for every Holiday party and it’s oh-so-easy to apply with our B Squared brush for a beautiful blended cheek color!

Get your glow on with this Illuminator palette!  These give the most beautiful shimmer to showcase cheekbones, brow bones and that cute little cupids bow on your upper lip!

Get your skin in the best shape of your life with our Tres Leches Skin Care System, now with our exclusive Microfiber Cloths to make your routine as flawless as your face!

Shop all these collections and more here!

Cool Destination

Cool Destination

The newest addition to the already-perfect line of contours from Maskcara Beauty is where you will want to go!  Aspen is the perfect shade that you fair-skinned gals have been missing!  It falls right in between Walnut and Ash and will give you the definition you love, without the warm tones you don’t want.  And don’t be surprised if the name alone will make you recite every line from the movie ‘Dumb and Dumber’, because I have totally gone there!

Find it HERE


‘Samsonite!!  I was way off!!’

Sorry…I couldn’t help myself!

Hugs, Sierra

Maskcara Brushes

Maskcara Brushes

Tools of the Trade.  Don’t you love it when you find something that makes doing a task so much easier?  Recently we have started updating our house.  We aren’t doing anything major, just new paint and trim.  It’s amazing how different paint can change the whole feeling and mood of a room.  We currently have brown-everything.  I thought it was so beautiful when we bought our house 10 years ago.  Even our trim is dark brown.  I’m talking baseboards, doors, cabinets.  Everything.  We call it ‘Brown Town’!  We are sick of it!  So we started in our bonus room.  Of course, we had to fill in all the dings and scratches (which seem to multiply once you start noticing them).  Then we painted the ceiling white.  This made the hugest difference!  Like it instantly brightens everything up!

Then came the walls.  I have always struggled with the edges, but I saw this little tool at the paint store, (similar to this one) and decided to try it.  Its like a flat small rectangle brushy thing that has wheels on one side.  I don’t even know the name of it but its my new best friend!  You just spread the paint on it and place it flat on the edge of the wall where it meets the ceiling and carefully spread it along the corner.  As long as you don’t get too much paint on the bristles, it makes the PERFECT straight edge!  It made that job about a million times more easy than with freehand brushing!  I can’t believe how smooth it made it and before I knew it, we had the whole room painted!

The right tools can make any job so much easier to do!  This is where Maskcara brushes come in!  For years I have used MAC makeup brushes.  I still have an angled eye shadow brush that I have used for at least 15 years.  I love a good makeup brush!  So I knew when I saw Maskcara’s double sided brushes, I was going to be in love!  Every one is like getting a two-fer!  They are so soft, yet perfectly dense.  They were designed specifically for IIID Foundation and they do their job so well!

The 30 Second HAC brush is like the basic foundation brush!  Use the pointy end for your Highlight and the fluffy end for your contour and cheek color.

The Detail HAC is a sister to the 30 Second brush.  The small pointy end is great for getting into the little spots of your face for highlight (think the corner of your eye) or for doing a sharper contour.  The flat end works great for either contour or highlight.  Great for smaller features.

The B Squared brush is one of my favorites!  It is designed for Blush and Bronzer, get it, B Squared:)  It does its job so well.  I love it for applying blush with the smaller end and blending with the fluffier end.  It also works so great for blending my IIID foundation when I wear a light coverage.

The Power Powder brush can be used for pressing powder just where you need it with the rounded darkest end, and stippling blush or contour with the flat dense end.  It can also be used for a full HAC application.

The I Shadow Everything brush is just that, for everything eye shadow.  It has a fluffy end for all over application and a denser end for smudging or more precision.

The Mulittasker is the do-all brush for precision!  The larger end is perfect for pressing shadow across the eyelid and amazing for applying lip color (my fave use)!  The small end is for filling brows, doing eyeliner and lipliner.  This is also the brush Cara uses for nose contouring.

There you have it, the full lineup of Maskcara double ended brushes!  They can be purchased separately or in a collection for a great savings!

Contact me now to get $5 off the 30 Second HAC brush making it only $30 for my customers!


Clean your brushes!

Clean your brushes!

I’m guilty of it.  I am sure we all are.  Applying your makeup with brushes.  Putting those brushes into your makeup bag.  The bag that has all the smudges inside and broken pieces of shadows in the bottom.    Zipping up the bag and forgetting it until the next morning when we repeat the same process.

Have you ever thought of what is going on inside those bristles while they sit in your makeup bag for a day?  I’ll tell you what is going on.  A little bacteria rendezvous!  Like a party for gross germs that are just reproducing themselves all over your bristles.  Bristles that you are going to dip into your makeup again and, even grosser, swipe across your skin!!  UUUGGGHHH!!

If you aren’t grossed out by the thought of it, go here and see what that bacteria looks like in a lab.  Or don’t.  You know you are curious.  You looked didn’t you.  Well, good.  I hope you are convinced of the importance of cleaning your brushes!

Sounds like a pain, doesn’t it?  Soap, water, little swirly brush mat, dry time.  What if they aren’t dry by the time I need to do my makeup again?  I have a solution for you!

Maskcara’s newest release, Restore Brush Cleaner!  It is a spray that smells sooooo good!  It sanitizes and cleans your brushes with just a spritz and a swirl on a towel or napkin.  Your brushes will be clean of excess product and gross germs and ready for the next use!  So easy, and let’s face it, completely necessary!!

So go get yourself a bottle and save your face from that bacteria rendezvous I mentioned earlier:)

It’s so easy to fall in love…with your makeup routine

It’s so easy to fall in love…with your makeup routine

Are you a ‘makeup person’?  I am asking because I hear that term all the time.  So often women will ask me about makeup or it will naturally come up in our conversation.  They will tell me that they don’t do makeup, or very much of it, because they just aren’t a ‘makeup person’.  I have to giggle about it.  Do any of us really want to be a ‘makeup person’?  Do we want to be tied down to a daunting routine every morning? Do we want to have drawers full of products that overwhelm us and take up so much space in our vanity?  I don’t think anyone wants or has time for that in their lives!  The truth is, in my life I don’t have a desire to be that person.  I want my beauty routine to be short and pretty.  Keep me looking like me, only better.  My mornings, like so many other busy working moms, consist of getting everyone else ready before myself.  Leaving little time for fuss with makeup or hair.  My routine has to be fast and easy.  Here is a little video of how my makeup fits into this…It is seriously life changing for a busy mom!!  As the motto goes, you CAN have your cake, and eat it, too (even if you aren’t a makeup person!).

New Lip+cheek colors and Highlights!

New Lip+cheek colors and Highlights!

You have waited long enough!  Finally the darker highlight colors are here!  This is a game changer for all you ladies with darker skin tones.  No more problems with not being able to find your true color match!  Now, with Goddess, Cinnamon and Papaya, even the darkest skin tones can wear Maskcara IIID Foundation!

June is another newly released Highlight color and it is my new favorite for myself!  It is right between Aura and Amber and, in my opinion, is less yellow than Amber.  It is my new perfect shade as I am losing my tan and sun kissed cheeks.

Here are a few before and after photos with the new darker shades!

Photo credit http://www.maskcarabeauty.com/aim

Maskcara just released four new Lip+Cheek colors, also!  They are so beautiful and different from each other and the colors that were already available.   Bare, Frenchie, Hollywood and Sandstone are still the great cream consistency you have come to expect with the IIID foundation.  They are pretty alone, but I have gotten so comfortable with mixing two or three of them in an ombre effect with the B Squared brush! I will post a video of that soon!  In the meantime, try pairing any of them with Petal and blend the two colors together!  I promise, it will change you cheek routine!  And don’t forget to finish your quick look by putting that same color on your lips, as well!  So pretty and quick!  I use my finger or the Multitasker brush!  It is my favorite!


If you haven’t tried any of the Maskcara double-ended brushes, you are missing out on a great thing in life!  I love them all!!  Daily I definitely use the 30 Second HAC brush, the B Squared brush, the Multitasker brush and the I Shadow Everything brush.



Got Milk!?

Got Milk!?

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